Premium quality cotton t-shirts
by Adamsson.

For a modern, self-confident man

Stand out
from the crowd!

Basic Pieces of Clothing by Adamsson is a clothing brand offering basics for tall men. The clothes we design are to meet the needs of a conscious consumer – a modern, self-confident man for whom quality of the clothes, the material from which they are made and where they are sewn plays a crucial role. Our answer to these requirements is a t-shirt made of high-quality cotton with use of high-quality threads.

Put it on, enjoy its versatility

Take your Adamsson to the gym

white and blue Adamsson tank tops

Take your Adamsson to the office

navy Adamsson t-shirt with a round neck

Take your Adamsson to the cinema

navy and red Adamsson t-shirts with round necks
Made in EU
Premium quality cotton
Free delivery above 100€ within EU
Model in a white, round necked Adamsson t-shirt

About the brand.

We’re redefining fashion for a modern, self-assured man who values quality, sustainability, timeless design, and a perfect fit. We understand that tall men often struggle to find clothing that meets their unique requirements. We are here to bridge that gap with a collection of sustainable, premium cotton clothes designed for taller men.

Redefined classic.

By Adamsson offers classic shaped T-shirts and Tank Tops. Thanks to carefully designed sleeves’ length and length of the T-shirt itself, your Adamsson is perfect basis for many outfits. A T-shirt by Adamsson will always be a perfect choice for you regardless of whether you prefer semiformal, sporty or casual style.

Model in a grey, round necked Adamsson t-shirt
Set of blue, red and white Adamsson t-shirts

Longer sleeves & longer length.

We, at Adamsson, offer T-shirts with longer sleeves and longer length.
Play with the sleeves by rolling them up. Wear your T-shirt tucked into your pants with a jacket or untucked with loose jeans or shorts! Discover more possibilities of wearing your T-shirt and create your unique style!

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